Milonga Lunatico, Wednesdays
Dance from 8-10 pm at Maker House, 283 N Stone Ave
Downtown Tucson: West side of Stone, just South of the Stone underpass.
Beginner lesson at 7:00 pm.
Wines, Beers, and coffee drinks available.
Admission is free, but supporting the venue and tipping the DJ is appreciated.

4th Saturday Milonga T Studio West
Milonga T is Tucson’s premier Tango social, with awesome DJs each month. We start dancing at nine keep it up till the cows go home!  Call Erik at (520)245-6158 for details each month. Studio West is located at 6061 E. Broadway, and has a large floating wood floor (with awesome AC in the summer!).  The cost is just $10 for the dance.

Tango Classes on Sundays
Beginners class 1:30-2:30
Intermediate class 2:30-3:30
$10 for one class or just $15 for both, classes held at Studio West.