Daniela Borgialli’s Tucson Weekend

On August 24th and 25th we are having something very special in Tucson.  Daniela Borgialli is coming to town for a weekend of unique classes and an evening of dancing with us!

Daniela and Rommel with their Tango Salon trophy.

Daniela and Rommel with their Tango Salon trophy.

Daniela has been dancing almost her whole life.  After receiving her MFA in dance and choreography from ASU in 2000 she started teaching Argentine Tango.  Daniela has taught classes and workshops as far away as New York and Massachusetts, as well as in every state along the Mexican border.  In 2012 she and her partner Rommel won 2nd place in the USA Argentine Tango Salon Championships!  Daniela is also certified in Restorative Exercise, and brings her knowledge of bio-mechanics to every class she teaches.

To make the weekend special, we are straying from some of the traditional workshop formats.  All the classes on Saturday will be size capped at three couples.  This allows Daniela to work with you in a more focused setting, and will ensure that you get the most out of the classes that you take.  There will be technique and style work along with the more familiar step-pattern knowledge.  Saturday evening Daniela will be joined by Rommel to teach the pre-Milonga class at the Sheraton, and they will do an improvised demo as well.  On Sunday there will be a follower’s technique class with a playful figure and some RES work to round out the Tango weekend.

There are spots available Saturday at 12:00, 1:30, and 3:00 for the private groups classes.  The cost is just 25$  per person for the 1.5 hour focused session.  To register for Saturday’s semi-private classes, contact Erik (you can use the form to the side of the page) with time slot desired and partner/group information.  There are already people looking for a group, and if you can include your preference as to information covered in your class it will be easiest to place you.

Sunday’s followers’ class will run from noon to 1:30 at the Dance Loft downtown.  Using a new and innovative approach to the Tango, Daniela will explore mechanics in depth, and it is requested that you bring comfortable clothes that you can get down to the floor and then up easily in, and either a yoga mat or towel for the Restorative Exercise work.  You will also be barefoot or in socks for a portion of the class.  This is going to be such an interesting class, I would even suggest it to leaders who want to have a special insight into what it is the other half is doing.  At just 20$ you can’t afford to miss it.

Daniela is also available for private lessons on either Saturday or Sunday, booked around the classes, at 80$ for a single or couple.