Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself…  — Walt Whitman

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself… — Walt Whitman

TANGO is a very emotional issue. We all have invested so much of ourselves in the dance. Sometimes something happens thats makes us mad, or sad, or glad (sounds like Dr. Seuss) and we feel we have to share it with someone. Often that someone turns out to be me. I consider it an honor to receive E-mails from a variety of people when they just want to vent, you all think I must be some kind of level headed caring person.

Lord knows where that idea came from…

Wheher I have genuine concern for the problems that people have with their Tango, or I just find them highly amusing, I read every letter. I have even saved some of them. Patterns begin to emerge when you read all of them, and I plan to use this space to highlight what could be done in a constructive fashion. All the names of guilty parties will be changed, so no one writes a letter to vent about me later.

I want to get all the cards out on the table before we begin. First, teaching (a lot) and performing (a little) are my sole sources of income. I am strongly biased towards my financial interests there. Secondly, I have strong opinions about the art of Art in general and Tango in specific. I believe more in your freedom to express different ideas, than in my own convictions. The latter changes every so often, while your freedom should never be impeached. However, I will be the first drunk sot to say that the ideas and values that you hold are stupid. After hearing it so often about myself, I feel entitled.